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80% of employers actively using the National Jobs Bank

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Since its launch earlier this year, the National Jobs Bank has seen 12,700 employers register with the online jobs portal, with around 80% actively posting jobs, said Manpower Minister Tan Chuan-Jin in Parliament this week.

In an written answer to Parliamentary questions, Tan said the Workforce Development Agency (WDA) plans to continue working with employer groups, industry associations, community organisations and unions to promote the use of Jobs Bank to employ workers, in the hope of bringing a greater variety of job opportunities to job seekers in Singapore.


Will the jobs Bank really make a difference?
More than 31,000 Singaporeans signed up to the Jobs Bank

However, he added the Jobs Banks should be viewed with a broader perspective.

“It is part of an ecosystem that benefits Singaporean job seekers,” he said. “This ecosystem includes the number and types of jobs being created, and whether our people have the skills and passion for the job.

“Our fundamental objective remains to ensure that our people are job ready, by equipping them with industry-relevant skills that would allow them to pursue good jobs and careers, and assisting them by providing quality training programmes, training incentives to defray costs, employment facilitation and career coaching services.”

Singaporean job seekers can make job applications directly through the Jobs Bank for various positions, and Tan said the feedback to date haas been “positive”.

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