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Working during Christmas

75% of Hong Kong staff will work during Christmas

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As a country known for its long working hours and a poor work-life balance, it is perhaps no surprise that most of Hong Kong’s professionals plan to keep working during this holiday season.

Polling over 26,000 business people from 96 countries, a survey by Regus found 51% of Hong Kong respondents plan to work between one and three hours a day during their holidays.

In addition, 24% said they planned to devote over three hours a day to work-related tasks.

These numbers were higher than the global averages of 41% and 17% respectively.

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“The dedication to work that these findings reflect is admirable,” Michael Ormiston, country manager, Regus Hong Kong, said.

“However, this can also be interpreted as an indication that they feel overstretched or insecure in their jobs and are unable to properly switch off. The effects of workplace stress are well known, so it is important that workers allow themselves some ‘downtime’, so they can devote their holidays to relaxing.”

The survey also stressed on the need to keep productivity levels intact by ensuring employees have a good work-life balance.

“Using the Christmas break is also a good time to reflect on work practices – what is efficient and productive, and what isn’t, as well as ways to reduce stress levels in the office,” the report stated.

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