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65% of recruiters typically post a job ad… and wait

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Amid the fierce competition for talent, the fastest way to fill an open job position is to approach the candidate directly.

A recent survey by Robert Half which polled more than 1,000 employed professionals above 18 found that 67% of them would consider a job offer from a recruiter regardless of whether they had been considering a move.

Despite that, most employers aren’t doing much more than sifting through a pile of resumes when recruiting for those hard-to-fill positions, the Robert Half survey pointed out.

Surveying 2,200 CFOs, it revealed that 65% of them typically post an open job and wait for resumes. Only 27% actively recruit beyond sifting through incoming applications. While 8% reported that they make use of a mix of both.

In case you’re now thinking of ways to approach these passive candidates, a previous report found that these group of people preferred to be approached via a personal phone call.

“Getting in front of job seekers should be first priority when filling vacant or new positions,” said Paul McDonald, senior executive director at Robert Half. “Employers should build a pipeline of qualified candidates. To save time and effort, hiring managers can partner with a recruiter, who can do much of the heavy lifting.”

McDonald added, “Professionals with in-demand skills have options and can be enticed by competing offers. Hiring managers who wait for applicants to approach them risk missing out on potential star performers.”

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In line with that, Robert Half offered five tips for managers to follow during the hiring process:

Move quickly
Define a timeline and ideal start date for the job candidate and ensure all stakeholders are informed and on board. A delay or dip in communication could turn off in-demand applicants and disrupt hiring efforts.

Sell your organisation
Companies with similar open positions are competing for the same talent. Highlight all the reasons someone should choose your company over all others.

Make them an offer they can’t refuse
Highly skilled candidates will be most interested in jobs that include compensation above market rates, attractive perks and a defined path for career advancement.

Have a “Top Two” list
Line up at least two potential candidates in case your top pick becomes unavailable.

Stay connected
The hiring process doesn’t stop once a candidate accepts the job offer. Prepare a robust onboarding programand check in with new hires frequently.

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