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The 5 most difficult jobs to fill in Singapore

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Accounting and finance roles are the most difficult to fill in Singapore this year.

That was the key finding of ManpowerGroup Singapore’s latest survey, which polled 41,700 hiring managers across 42 countries.

The report found sales representatives ranked second in the list of roles that are most difficult to fill. They were followed by engineers, and secretaries (including receptionists and administrative assistants).

Marketing, public relations and communications specialists rounded up the top five types of talent that are most difficult to find in Singapore.

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Linda Teo, ManpowerGroup Singapore’s country manager said that of the 234 respondents in Singapore, 40% of them say they find it hard to fill these positions. The percentage was slightly higher than the global average of 38%.

“At the same time, employers do not seem to show an urgency to put into place strategies not just to tackle the talent shortage but to stay ahead of the curve to find individuals to meet their business needs.”

The report stressed, however, that such strategies are necessary as talent shortages may have a negative impact on business.

Singapore employers are particularly concerned about this issue, with 52% saying talent shortages have a high impact on client relations, significantly higher than the Asia Pacific average of 23%.

Teo attributed the shortage to “widespread restructuring that is sending tremors across sectors, with shocks being added from a tightening labour market.”

Similiar trends were also observed in the Asia Pacific region.

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Following a dip to 45% last year, the current proportion who reported talent shortages in the region stood at 48% and was the second highest since 2006.

Japanese employers continued to face the most severe shortage, with 83% saying they encounter

Elsewhere in the region, lack of appropriately talented candidates was most likely to be a
concern in Hong Kong (65%), India (58%) and Taiwan (57%).

However, talent shortages are least likely to cause difficulties for Chinese employers (24%).

“Opinions are mixed among Asia Pacific employers when it comes to how much difficulty they have to deal with when compared with 2014. While 13% say they face fewer hiring difficulties than last year, 12% say they are finding it harder to fill jobs and 55% say the level of difficulty is unchanged,” the report stated.

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