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4 ways to re-energise tired employees

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Among all this talk of employee engagement, the daily battles of hardworking, warrior employees often gets left out.

With organisations aiming to achieve bigger goals with fewer resources, employees are undeniably taking on heavier workloads and working with tighter deadlines. As a result, it is often common to see employees mentally checking out of their tasks due to sheer exhaustion.

While it is often easy to recognise signs when your staff are burnt out, helping them cope with their stress levels can be a different ball game altogether.

Here are a few ways you can help recharge your overworked employees:

1. Leverage on small wins

Making a big deal of minor accomplishments achieved by teams or individual players helps immensely in reducing stress levels of your staff.

Focusing on small wins helps remind employees on things that were done right, and boosts their energy to march onwards with renewed gusto.

2. Model good behaviour

The fundamental rule of leadership dictates that leaders set the tone for how employees respond to any situation. Therefore, keeping a positive and cheerful attitude when you yourself have been overworking will inspire your staff to do the same.

Greet your employees chirpily in the morning, or respond to their queries in a courteous and jovial manner even when busy working. It is highly likely that they will mirror your attitude and will adopt the same approach in their own interactions at work.

3. Control the environment (literally)

Build a healthy environment in your office by maintaining hygiene standards and conducive temperatures with good ventilation. These policies should be adhered to at all times anyway, but they become more important closer to deadlines.

In addition, you can also help stock up the office pantry with healthy and energetic fruits such as fruits and granola bars. Provide healthy sugars that fuel the brain and boost energy levels.

4. Manage expectations

Finally, remember employees might be overworked or stressed because of unrealistic demands and responsibilities. Communicate with them on a regular level to ensure their responsibilities are at par with their capabilities.

These frequent interactive sessions will not only help in managing their work, but will also let employees know they have a support system in the office. Having a good friend to talk to, even if it is the boss himself, helps ensure staff they can cope with stress levels.

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