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4 things to wish for your career in 2014

Having set goals and being organised is a key character trait to develop, regardless the time of the year, but the advent of 2014 grants every professional the opportunity to review past mistakes and prioritise which aspects need development.

So, this is where a good career wish list comes in.

According to J.T O’ Donnell’s article on LinkedIn, “I want a better career in 2014”, ranks as one of the biggest new year’s resolutions out there. But how does one exactly resolve this resolution?

Here are four things to add to your 2014 career wish list that will enable you to experience a higher sense of satisfaction in your corporate life:           

1. New skills

Empowering yourself with higher levels of expertise can never really hurt, no matter which level of seniority you are at.

Identify which aspects of your work can be handled better (IT skills, marketing skills, etc.) and invest in training to perform them more efficiently. The more opportunities you look out for to enhance your competency levels, the more productive you will be.

2. Good company

In 2014, aim to be surrounded by professionals who inspire you. Learning from and discussing their experiences and ways of working is one of the best ways of motivating yourself to stretch your own capabilities.

3. A better attitude

A poor attitude and team spirit significantly hampers quality of work and life everywhere.

Even if you do already win awards for your patience and team management skills, wish for yourself to be more flexible and positive in your thinking. By constantly striving to give your best, you never know whom you’ll be encouraging to do the same!

4. Ingenuity

Aim to inculcate an atmosphere of creativity and resourcefulness in your workplace. With a spirit of innovation being one of the top desirable traits in organisations this past year, wishing to equip yourself with new and different perspectives will definitely help in the long run.

Remember though, making a career wish list is only half the battle – resolving to keep your resolutions, be it in your professional or personal life, is the first step to achieving success.

We wish you luck for all your aspirations in 2014!

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