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4 lessons from Starbucks’ slip-up

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Last week, Starbucks found itself in the limelight after an employee misspelled a customer’s name as “Vagina”, but is there a silver lining?

While we doubt the blunder will cause any major damage to the company, we’re betting the affected customer will think twice about stepping into another outlet.

If anything, the incident is a quick reminder for companies that it doesn’t take much to turn a stakeholder – be it a client or an employee – against you.

Here are four other super simple things to keep in mind if you want to preserve employee loyalty within your organisation.

A little goes a long way
While monetary benefits will always have pulling power when it comes to retention, recognition ranks pretty high on the list. Employees are looking to have their hard work and commitment acknowledged, with a report by Connexions Loyalty Travel Solutions revealing non-cash rewards can boost performance by 22%.

Celebrate good times, and bad
On top of recognition, staff want their work to be celebrated, so why wait until a project is over? There’s no harm in setting smaller milestones and rejoicing those, so long-term projects don’t seem like such a drag.

This is even more important when the going gets tough, as employees need the most support and security during periods of uncertainty.

Engagement is key
Every employee wants to work in an environment of trust, innovation and respect, and the onus is on you as a leader to provide that. But you don’t have to do it alone – work with your fellow senior executives to identify ways to provide a conducive environment for staff.

Keep them moving
Everyone loves a change of scene once in a while. Allowing programmes such as job rotation will not only keep employees excited, but also expand their skill set and provide further opportunities for them and you. Like they say, it’s better to be busy than bored.

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