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Saying thanks

The 3 types of employees you should especially appreciate

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Most employers (the good ones, at least ) know the value of appreciating everyone in the office. Not to suck up to my editor Aditi Sharma Kalra and the senior management here at Lighthouse, but it is indeed a great feeling when any of my team members or I get acknowledged for our hard work in our monthly company meetings.

Not only do I feel automatically inspired to put in more effort at work, I also feel supported and encouraged knowing there are people who are actively noticing and commending the work I do.

But with today being Employee Appreciation Day, I thought about the type of people who help make the office a better one to work in – in ways which go beyond bringing in the biggest amount of revenue.

These are the type of people who work behind the scenes, helping teams daily, and consistently inspiring others. Surely, they deserve an equally loud round of thanks from everyone in the office?

Here are some examples to consider:

1) The most positive worker

Unfortunately, dissatisfaction at work, rumours and backstabbing are among the most popular themes of hush-hush conversations in the office. In such scenarios, an optimistic, smiling and supportive staff member does wonders to lift spirits and encourage camaraderie among colleagues.

Not only does this help to dissipate tensions, but it also makes working a more enjoyable experience.

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2) The most helpful worker

How many times have you cringed upon hearing the phrase: ‘we need to do more with less’?

Complain all you want, busy schedules, piling to-do lists and lack of time are challenges which almost every professional encounters. In such situations, a staff member who actively takes time out from his or her own schedule to help others is a rarity.

It’s definitely wise to acknowledge the presence of such employees in the office – not only do they enable your staff to complete their targets on time, but they also serve as a brilliant example of the power of teamwork.

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3) The most creative worker

Competition is everywhere – and everyone wants to be ‘different’ these days to beat it.

As such, highlight those members of your team who have attempted to do something out-of-the-box, be it in his or her domain or work, or even helped fix the office water-cooler in a easy and cost-effective way.

Admittedly not everyone’s ‘creative’ tricks will be successful or even a great usage of time, but acknowledging their attempts is but the first step to maybe cultivating the next Steve Jobs in your office.

The best thing about Employee Appreciation Day is it allows you to show your gratitude in a manner which is less mechanical than simply depositing their monthly salary or bonus in their bank accounts.

It is also a chance for you to showcase to your employees which types of behaviour and ways of performance are commendable and to be encouraged.

By singling out the above people for their positive workplace behaviours, bosses can utilise the full potential of Employee Appreciation Day and use it not only to thank their star performers, but also those who have helped enhance the office environment in several other ways.

P.S. Speaking of which – Happy Employee Appreciation Day everybody – thanks for all your hard work!

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