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3 reasons why your top talent do stupid things

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The support of any organisation’s most capable employees is, needless to say, integral to its growth.

With more companies clambering desperately to get the best of the best, finally getting a talented employee feels no less than acquiring an Olympic Gold.

But a huge shock remains in store when these very talents turn around and occasionally do something silly and ridiculously detrimental to the organisation’s best interests.

And if you’re the mentor accountable for your employee’s frivolous decisions, your very decision to hire such a candidate might be labelled an act of childishness.

Here are some reasons why your most capable staff might be acting uncharacteristically harebrained – it might just make you better prepared when dealing with your next nutty wit:

1. Power drunk

It is one thing to encourage your winning herd, but it is important not to make them overconfident. Being intoxicated on power might lead to your top talent slacking away on their regular responsibilities or even designating tasks to other colleagues who may not perform well as they do.

It is important, therefore, to keep on developing your top talent so they aren’t too comfortable in their job scope and assume their mastery of it. Keep interacting with them to point out areas of improvement so they are regularly inspired to give their best at all times.

2. Personal aspirations

If your top talent have the right insights and skills to effectively work in your organisation, they have the right skills to work your organisation as well.

Resourceful and smart employees might be leveraging on resources and experiences in your company to set up their own ventures or even be seduced by other corporate opportunities coming their way. In such a situation, it is likely that they might not be bothered about their current responsibilities and make obvious errors in judgement.

It is integral to remember that enforcing company loyalty at all times is an impossible task. However, regularly reminding these employees on how much the company values their presence might make this endeavour slightly easier.

3. Stress and overwork

The most obvious clue that your talent is stressed is precisely the fact that doing stupid things is unnatural for them. You cannot forget that all employees, talented or otherwise, are human, and humans are far from perfect.

Give your top talent the benefit of the doubt whenever they make such fundamental errors. Just because they don’t usually make such mistakes does not allow anyone to be harsher on them. Instead, communicate with them to find out if they are struggling with their current workloads.

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