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AAT study on unhappy employees entrepreneurship

23 signs your employees are unhappy in their job

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Do your team members prefer to eat alone rather than with each other? Do they work the bare minimum number of hours before rushing out at 6 pm?

Newsflash – these are the signs of a disengaged employee, and if you don’t take corrective action, they may put in their papers sooner than you realise, to work for themselves.

New research by the Association of Accounting Technicians (AAT) in Britain found that more than one in four British workers want to leave their job (27%) and are considering setting up their own business.

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The survey uncovered a surprising list of signs implying that British employees dislike their current job. However, these are applicable to employees across Asia as well.

If you find your employees doing these 23 things, you may have potential attrition on your hands:

  • Get anxious about work on a Sunday night
  • Have lunch on their own to get away from colleagues
  • Work the minimum number of hours required
  • Are constantly looking at the clock
  • Often moan about their job to friends and family
  • Take extended toilet breaks
  • Dread going into work in the morning
  • Feel they don’t fit in within the office
  • Find any excuse to get out of the office
  • Have perfected the ‘looking busy’ look
  • Despise their boss
  • Constantly find excuses not to go to work-related social events
  • Are happy to run errands for their colleagues
  • Spend several work hours on social media
  • Put the least amount of effort into everything they do
  • Work performance is suffering – and they don’t care
  • Come home and cry about the stress of their job
  • No longer worry about looking smart
  • Are often late
  • Look forward to doctor or dentist appointments
  • Seem to always argue with their manager
  • Cut corners at every possibility
  • Do the bare minimum overtime so they don’t get fired

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