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2017’s most and least stressful jobs

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While stress is unavoidable, there’s no denying that some professions are more stressful than others. With wellness rising up the priority list of today’s workforce, those looking to take a breather in the fast paced work environment might want to avoid entering professions such as firefighter, airline pilot, events coordinator, and senior corporate executive.

According to CareerCast’s 2017 Job Stress report, the professions above are some of the most stress-inducing jobs this year.

Evaluating 11 stress factors – including travel required; deadlines; working in the public eye; physical demands; own life at risk; life of others at risk; and meeting or interacting with the public at large – the report placed enlisted military personnel at the very top of the list of stressful jobs.

Followed by firefighter, airline pilot, police officer, and event coordinator, rounding up the top five.

Here are the 10 most stressful jobs of 2017:

1. Enlisted military personnel
Stress Score: 72.74
Median Salary: $27,936*
Growth Outlook: N/A
*Source: United States Army. Refers to E4 Specialist or Corporal with 4 years of experience

2. Firefighter
Stress Score: 72.68
Median Salary: $45,870
Growth Outlook: 5%

3. Airline pilot
Stress Score: 60.54
Median Salary: $102,520
Growth Outlook: 5%

4. Police officer
Stress Score: 51.68
Median Salary: $60,270
Growth Outlook: 4%

5. Event coordinator
Stress Score: 51.15
Median Salary: $46,840
Growth Outlook: 10%

6. Newspaper reporter
Stress Score: 49.90
Median Salary: $36,360
Growth Outlook: -8%

7. Corporate executive (senior)
Stress Score: 48.56
Median Salary: $102,690
Growth Outlook: 6%

8. Public relations executive
Stress Score: 48.50
Median Salary: $104,140
Growth Outlook: 7%

9. Taxi driver
Stress Score: 48.18
Median Salary: $23,510
Growth Outlook: 13%

10. Broadcaster
Stress Score: 47.93
Median Salary: $37,720
Growth Outlook: -9%

On-the-job stress can be caused by a variety of reasons. For example, in professions like firefighter, military and police officer, stress results from putting their lives at risk and being responsible for the lives of others.

Whereas in the cases of newspaper reporter and broadcaster, stress may be caused by working under tight deadlines, and the fear of lawsuits or layoffs.

“Even though they may be stressful, these professions are crucial to American’s safety and democracy,” says Kyle Kensing, online content editor, CareerCast.

“Firefighters, Military and Police Officers protect us, and Newspaper Reporters and Broadcasters have a big impact in showing us the truth amidst the trend of “‘fake news'”.

On the other hand, if wellness is top on your list of priorities, you might want to consider these least stressful jobs of 2017:

1. Diagnostic medical sonographer
Stress Score: 4.00
Median Salary: $63,630
Growth Outlook: 24%

2. Compliance officer
Stress Score: 5.73
Median Salary: $65,640
Growth Outlook: 3%

3. Hair stylist
Stress Score: 6.71
Median Salary: $23,710
Growth Outlook: 10%

4. Audiologist
Stress Score: 7.31
Median Salary: $74,890
Growth Outlook: 29%

5. University professor (tenured)
Stress Score: 8.17
Median Salary: $72,470
Growth Outlook: 13%

6. Medical records technician
Stress Score: 8.57
Median Salary: $37,110
Growth Outlook: 15%

7. Jeweler
Stress Score: 8.95
Median Salary: $37,060
Growth Outlook: -11%

8. Operations research analyst
Stress Score: 9.02
Median Salary: $78,630
Growth Outlook: 30%

9. Pharmacy technician
Stress Score: 9.10
Median Salary: $30,410
Growth Outlook: 9%

10. Medical laboratory technician
Stress Score: 10.31
Median Salary: $50,550
Growth Outlook: 16%

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