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2017’s best and worst jobs

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If you’re part of the workforce long enough, you’re bound to have a day that makes you believe you have the absolute worst job in the world. Similarly, there will be times when you feel your job simply couldn’t be better.

To make things slightly more scientific than your personal opinion, every year job site CareerCast ranks 200 jobs to find out which ones actually are the best and the worst of the lot. The different jobs are rated across a variety of sectors, based on growth outlook, income, environmental conditions, and stress.

Similar to last year, the worst jobs of 2017 are some of the most indispensable to our society. As the CareerCast report points out: “Great careers for those with the personality types able to face stress (and sometimes danger) head-on.”

While the data used for the ranking comes from the US Bureau of Labour Statistics, especially the environment and stress factors that give a job its good or bad rating are likely to be somewhat universal.

So without further ado, here are this year’s top 10 best and worst jobs.

Best jobs of 2017:

1. Statistician
Overall Rating: 93
Median Salary: US$80,110
Projected Growth: 34.00%

2. Medical services manager
Overall Rating: 101
Median Salary: US$94,500
Projected Growth: 17.00%

3. Operations research analyst
Overall Rating: 102
Median Salary: US$79,200
Projected Growth: 30.00%

4. Information security analyst
Overall Rating: 104
Median Salary: US$90,120
Projected Growth: 18.00%

5. Data scientist
Overall Rating: 105
Median Salary: US$111,267
Projected Growth: 15.75%

6. University professor
Overall Rating: 110
Median Salary: US$72,416
Projected Growth: 15.24%

7. Mathematician
Overall Rating: 128
Median Salary: US$111,298
Projected Growth: 22.31%

8. Software engineer
Overall Rating: 129
Median Salary: US$100,690
Projected Growth: 17.00%

9. Occupational therapist
Overall Rating: 130
Median Salary: US$81,910
Projected Growth: 29.04%

10. Speech pathologist
Overall Rating: 131
Median Salary: US$73,250
Projected Growth: 22.65%

Worst jobs of 2017:

1. Newspaper reporter
Overall Rating: 739
Median Salary: US$37,820
Projected Growth: -8.00%

2. Broadcaster
Overall Rating: 731
Median Salary: US$38,870
Projected Growth: -9.00%

3. Logger
Overall Rating: 726
Median Salary: US$37,590
Projected Growth: -4.00%

4. Enlisted military personnel
Overall Rating: 674
Median Salary: US$27,936
Projected Growth: 0.00%

5. Pest control worker
Overall Rating: 666
Median Salary: US$33,040
Projected Growth: -1.00%

6. Disc jockey
Overall Rating: 656
Median Salary: US$30,830
Projected Growth: -11.00%

7. Advertising sales person
Overall Rating: 643
Median Salary: US$50,380
Projected Growth: -3.00%

8. Firefighter
Overall Rating: 642
Median Salary: US$48,030
Projected Growth: 5.00%

9. Retail salesperson
Overall Rating: 634
Median Salary: US$22,900
Projected Growth: 7.00%

10. Taxi driver
Overall Rating: 625
Median Salary: US$24,300
Projected Growth: 13.00%

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