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2015’s best and worst jobs

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In an increasingly competitive world, it always feels better if you know that your job is among the best.

According to a CareerCast report, actuary tops the list of 2015’s best jobs in the United States, paying an average of US$94,209 annually.

Audiologist comes in second, with an average annual income of $71,133, followed by mathematician ($102,182), and statistician ($79,191).

Commenting on the results, the report highlighted these four jobs all placed immense importance on employee’s mathematics skills.

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“Jobs in mathematics rank among the nation’s best because they are financially lucrative, offer abundant opportunities for advancement and provide the opportunity to do great work in a supportive environment,” Tony Lee, publisher, reasoned.

On the flip side, some of the worst jobs in 2015 include newspaper reporter ($36,267), lumberjack ($34,110), and enlisted military personnel ($28,840).

Cook ($42,208) and broadcaster ($55,380) rounded up the worst 5.

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