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2013’s most stressful jobs

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This may be the year PR folks can take a breather, as the high pressure job slips down the rankings of the most stressful careers.

PR has dropped three spots from last year’s second place, according to CareerCast’s list of stressful jobs, but still manages to round up the top five.

Pilots, who were number one on last year’s list, have also dropped to fourth place, giving way to high-stress careers in the military and fire fighters.

Jayashree Velupillai, senior HR executive at LEWIS PR APAC, said the PR industry is not for everyone.

“PR professionals have to be available 24/7, they have to think on their feet, they manage crisis communication within a tight deadline, so it is stressful,” she said.

Lee added PR professionals are always in the public eye and are responsible for managing awareness and branding of products and services.

“It doesn’t matter if you’re in charge of toothpaste or a small non-profit, you’re still under stress to make sure the word gets out in a positive way,” Lee said.

Velupillai said one way HR can help PR employees manage the pressure is by recognising the cause of the stress.

“It might be a resourcing issue or a skill gap, so HR leaders must identify the issue in advance and close the gap before any escalation happens,” she said.

Tony Lee, publisher at CareerCast, said the top most stressful jobs are certainly not for everyone.

“Not everyone is cut out for a career that involves running into burning buildings and fighting forest fires, or handling an airliner in terrible weather,” he said.

CareerCast’s top 10 most stressful jobs (stress score over 100)

1. Enlisted Military Personnel (84.72)
2. Military General (65.54)
3. Fire fighter (60.45)
4. Commercial Airline Pilot (60.28)
5. Public Relations Executive (48.52)
6. Senior Corporate Executive (47.46)
7. Photojournalist (47.12)
8. Newspaper Reporter (46.75)
9. Taxi Driver (46.18)
10. Police Officer (45.60)

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