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Lies lying

20% of Singaporeans lie to get time off work

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It may be because Singaporeans clock in some of the longest hours in the world, but local employees are not afraid of resorting to sneaky ways to get their leave days approved.

According to a Skyscanner survey of 1,000 Singaporeans, one in 10 of respondents admitted they have lied to their boss by telling them their holiday was already booked.

While 45% of respondents booked their days off six months in advance to secure their leave, a handful of them resort to other cunning methods.

The study found 9% of employees called into work sick, while 6% pretended a family member was ill.

“It’s clear that many employees find themselves going head-to-head to book that coveted time off work; and with the end of the year holidays now approaching, many have admitted they will go to extreme lengths to do so,” Ira Noviani, Skyscanner Singapore’s marketing manager, said.

But if you thought the lying was the worst of it, you’re wrong.

A small handful (4%) of respondents said they have paid or bribed a colleague to get their time off, while a similar number of them lied that it was for a honeymoon.

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