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The 10 most misunderstood jobs in Singapore

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A large number of Singaporean parents are not really sure about what their children do in their chosen professions.

According to a LinkedIn survey, one third of parents globally have trouble understanding what their child does at work, and two thirds of parents want to learn more – believing they would then be able to better support their children.

In Singapore, 46% of parents said they weren’t sure what their children did for work and 89% said they would like to learn more.

“Given all of the new types of jobs created over the past few years, it’s understandable that a lot of parents may not understand what their kids actually do at work each day,” Pat Wadors, vice president of talent at LinkedIn, told Business Insider.

This survey was conducted as part of LinkedIn’s Bring In Your Parents Day, a worldwide event which will take place on November 7 and invites parents to join their children at their workplaces to gain a greater understanding of their jobs.

Most misunderstood jobs in Singapore

1. Actuary – 67%

2. User interface designer – 66%

3. Sub-editor – 60%

4. Data scientist – 57%

5. Sociologist – 52%

6. Social media manager – 52%

7. Radio producer – 47%

8. Sports team manager – 46%

9. Veterinarian – 44%

10. Fashion designer – 44%

Most misunderstood jobs globally

1. User interface designer – 74%

2. Actuary – 72%

3. Data scientist – 62%

4. Social media manager – 61%

5. Sub-editor – 59%

6. Sociologist – 52%

7. Radio producer – 51%

8. Public relations manager – 50%

9. Sports team manager – 43%

10. Investment banker – 43%

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