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The 10 most and least stressful jobs of 2015

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If you feel too overworked and stressed, you might want to consider becoming a hair stylist. If you’re looking for more excitement and a faster pace, why not look into firefighting as a profession?

These jobs top the list of the least and most stressful jobs respectively for 2015, according to a survey by CareerCast.

Due to the physical danger, unpredictability and negative psychological effects, the most stressful jobs of the year were highlighted as firefighter, enlisted military personnel, airline pilot and police officer.

But it’s not all about immediate danger – jobs such as event coordinator, broadcaster and newspaper journalist also rank on the list for their tight deadlines and high expectations. Newspaper reporters also have the lowest (and decreasing) annual media salary at US$37,090.

“Stress can come from a variety of factors, including tight deadlines, long hours and the need to put your life on the line while protecting others,” said Tony Lee, publisher at “It takes a thick skin and keen attention detail to thrive in environments fraught with hazards and long hours.”

But while these high pressure jobs suit many, others will be looking at the opposite end of the scale for the least stressful jobs, which were identified as hair stylist, audiologist and a tenured university professor.

“Job satisfaction and the pleasure of helping others can certainly go a long way to outweighing stress,” said Lee.

Here is the full list of least and most stressful jobs, with their median salary (USD)

10 most stressful jobs of 2015

1. Firefighter – $45,600
2. Enlisted military personnel – $28,840
3. Military general – $196,300
4. Airline pilot – $98,410
5. Police officer – $56,980
6. Actor – $46,070
7. Broadcaster – $60,070
8. Event coordinator – $45,810
9. Photojournalist – $42,530
10. Newspaper reporter – $37,090

10 least stressful jobs of 2015 

1. Hair stylist – $22,770
2. Audiologist – $69,720
3. University professor (tenured) – $68,970
4. Medical records technician – $34,160
5. Jeweller – $35,350
6. Medical laboratory technician – $47,820
7. Seamstress/tailor – $25,590
8. Dietitian – $55,240
9. Librarian – $55,370
10. Forklift operator – $31,150

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