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10 jobs where you’ll fall in love at work

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When it comes to finding love at work, employees in the food and beverage industry know how to cook up some romance.

According to a PayScale survey of 42,000 employees globally, 24.7% of food service managers and 17.6% of cooks are married in or a serious relationship with a colleague, making these professions the two most likely jobs to find love in.

Less lucky in love are computer and information systems managers, who are at the other end of the office romance scale. Perhaps they’re spending too much time looking at the screen and not checking out their colleagues?

Or maybe, they’re just looking for a fling like 54% of employees.

Here are the top jobs where workers are married or in a serious relationship with a colleague:

1. Food service managers: 24.7%

2. Cooks: 17.6%

3. Dispatchers: 17.1%

4. Advertising and promotions managers: 14.1%

5. Claims adjusters: 13.2%

6. Physicians and surgeons: 13%

7. Actors, producers and directors: 12.9%

8. Human resources specialists: 12.4%

9. Mechanics managers: 12.2%

10. Computer and information systems managers: 11.8%

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