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The 10 fastest growing jobs

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A new study into how professional jobs have evolved over the past five years has found middle management and director roles are less in demand than before.

Instead, people with technical skills and unique expertise are needed, a study by job matching service TheLadders found.

By analysing key words and phrases job seekers use to search for jobs, as well as the words chosen by bosses for job ads, the company revealed the growth rate of titles containing the word “manager” is 25% lower than average growth rate.

The growth rate of job titles containing the word “director” is also 50% lower.

In fact, within the top 10% of growing jobs, the word “manager” or “director” is contained in less than 2% of job titles.

The fastest growing job titles (2008-2013)

1. Dev Ops Engineer

2. iOS Developer

3. Data Scientist

4. UX Designer

5. Staff Accountant

6. Paralegal

7. UI Developer

8. Administrative Assistant

9. Android Developer

10. Business Intelligence Developer

“In examining job growth over the past five years, there is an undeniable demand for developers and analysts who possess unique expertise within the burgeoning STEM industries,” Shankar Mishra, vice president of data science & analytics for TheLadders, said.

“On the opposite end of the spectrum, once-coveted management jobs are rapidly declining, revealing a trend that high-earning professionals are not necessarily on a management track, nor do they desire to be.”

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