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Working in HR is making you fat

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If you’ve found yourself packing on the pounds during your career, perhaps you’ll find consolation in that fact that you’re in good company.

According to a survey done by JobsCentral, 62% of employees in Singapore claim to have gained weight since starting work, gaining an average of 3kg for each year of work.

While 12% of workers said work made them lose weight, and 26% said there has been no difference, 59% claim to have gained less than 10kg and 17% have put on at least 20kg.

When weight gain was broken down by profession, those in events management had the highest proportion of weight gainers in the country at 76%. They were followed by analysts (73%) and finance (68%).

Human resources professional came in fourth place, with 68% saying they had put on weight since starting their career.

The largest reason employees gave as to why they put on weight at work was a lack of time or energy to exercise (76%). Sixty-three per cent cited “excessive sitting” as being the main culprit, while 48% attributed weight gain to stress eating.

Additionally, the survey found women were more likely than men to gain weight at work – but when men do gain weight, they put on significantly more than women.

The biggest weight gainers also appear to earn the most money, with 60% of those making a monthly income of $10,000 claiming to gain weight at work, compared to workers making less than $2,000 per month (57%) and between $2,000 and $3,999 (63%).

Job functions with the highest proportion of weight gainers:

1. Events Management (76%)

2. Analyst (73%)

3. Finance (68%)

4. Human Resource (68%)

5. Consulting (67%)

6. Accounting/ Audit (67%)

7. Business Development (65%)

8. Supply Chain/ Distribution (65%)

9. Marketing (65%)

10. Administrative (65%)

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