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The work apps Singaporeans love to use

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With more firms offering some form of flexible working and an increasing number of staff working remotely, more professionals are using remote working tools.

In fact, 77% of Singaporeans stated they rely on file sharing app Dropbox when working remotely.

According to a new survey by Regus, globally, 86% of workers have used at least one tool to enable remote working in the past month.

Singaporean respondents have also highlighted that the use of these cloud applications allows them cost-effective access of the office tools they need regardless of their location.

Following Dropbox, Google Drive emerged as the second most popular online tool among Singaporeans (62%). TeamViewer garnered third place, with 27% of locals stating they rely on it significantly in the office.

“With more businesses offering staff the opportunity to work remotely at least occasionally, online tools are helping to overcome some of the hurdles traditionally associated with working from outside of the office,” commented Paul MacAndrew from Regus Singapore.

Globally, the most popular remote desktop was found to be Microsoft remote desktop (19%).

When it came to communicating with their peers, 92% of respondents in the survey chose Whatsapp as their preferred tool of communication.

This was followed by Skype (68%) and Facebook Messenger (58%). 33% of respondents have also used WeChat in the previous month.

“From feeling out of touch with colleagues, to being unable to access documents on the company server, technology is bridging the gap,” MacAndrew stated.

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