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Wanted: Executives with English language proficiency for China firms

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Multinational corporations in China are looking for English-proficient candidates to help expand their businesses.

The China Salary Guide 2015 by ZW HR Consulting also indicated the nation’s growing demand for talent proficient in English for functions such as sales and marketing, customer service, as well as regional roles.

GM at ZW HR Consulting, Joyce Jing pointed out more MNCs based in China have begun to reduce the number of foreign staff, especially in management-type positions, as they continue to shift focus to the local market.

MNCs are looking for individuals who can understand local needs, effectively manage large teams and work side-by-side with staff based in global headquarters.

“Our guide found that MNCs are looking to hire mid-senior level management executives fluent in English,”she said.

To ensure they can hire the English-proficient staff they want, MNCs have begun to put even stricter English regulations on their office locations around the world.

“Some global companies are now adopting or mandating English as the global language for internal company communication, even among those whose share a common tongue other than English,” said Jing.

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She added, Chinese candidates fluent in English are going to be paid better and hired faster by these companies.

“Skilled finance professionals fluent in English are currently in short supply and high demand. As a result they find themselves in a strong negotiating position, with companies expecting to offer premiums of at least 20% to 30% for the right candidate in 2015,” she said.

Apart from bilingual skills, firms are on the lookout for mechanical and technical engineers, owing to growth in the aerospace sector and the implementation of additional R&D centers throughout China.

Frank Yu, chairman of ZW HR Consulting, added, “We are seeing a high demand for IT and life sciences related jobs as MNCs and large local firms continue to aggressively expand their presence in China.”

Overall, employers are expected to provide annual pay rises in the range of 5-10% this year, going up to 35% in some sectors.

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