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Top talent need to be better “enticed”

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Recruitment in Singapore, and in Asia in general, is a topic that is hotter than ever. But when was the last time you looked closely at your candidate sourcing strategy to keep up with the changing times?

At Recruitment Interactive 2013, Ben Batten, country general manager at Volt, will host a round table discussion on the importance of candidate sourcing in an economy which remains positive, but going through structural changes with a focus on increasing productivity.

Volt is also Gold Sponsor of this event, taking place on November 28th at the Four Seasons Hotel in Singapore.

While the demand for highly skilled individuals will continue, there will also be an increased focus on retention, meaning recruitment strategies need to become “more creative and flexible to adapt to this change”.

“Good individuals will not be looking, but will need to be enticed, attracted and engaged by companies if they are to be secured. This takes time, investment and patience,” says Batten.

“Of course, recent announcements regarding foreign talent and commitments to local hires also mean companies need to be nimble, well prepared, and plan ahead to ensure their process does not mean candidates are lost due to appropriate compliance processes not being adhered to.”

Batten says Recruitment Interactive 2013 is a timely event that will channel focus on innovative approaches to recruitment.

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