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Holiday long-reads 2016

Top 10 favourite features of the year

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For those looking to take a short break away from bustling festivities, we’ve got just the thing for you.

Covering different aspects of HR such as mobility, team building, employee engagement and more; this series of feature reads is the perfect companion for me-time during the holidays.

So grab your favourite cuppa, and cosy up with the following HR long-reads – handpicked just for you:

1. Tickets to high-impact mobility policies
We reach out to mobility leaders across Asia – Avery Dennison in Hong Kong, and National Australia Bank in Singapore to identify high-impact mobility strategies.

2. The art of corporate relocation
With the need to meet multi-generational employee expectations, while simultaneously fulfilling business needs; here’s how to best dabble in the art of corporate relocation.

3. The beauty of coaching executives for the future
Understand the value of coaching and the ways that coaches can fit into their organisations.

4. The HR director’s guide to team building
Follow case studies from companies like Singapore Airlines and IKEA for an effective model of team building.

5. Keeping up with HR Tech
We share some real-life examples from ABR Holdings, Philips and more on how the HR function can keep up with the latest technology.

6. Leading the way into the future
Find out the top skills that leaders need to survive in a challenging VUCA world, and how to optimise the leadership development process.

7. The secrets to designing a top-tier recruitment strategy
Through award-winning case studies from ANZ, InMobi and Kadence International, learn how HR professionals can ensure they get the best talent available.

8. The ultimate guide to hiring older workers as mentors
Take a look at how organisations can re-hire mature workers and tap on their experience.

9. Healthy recipes for an engaged workforce
Explore the best practices and tips from experts on keeping employees heatlhy.

10. Making the most of every cent
In trying economic times, bring out the components of reward strategies that make employee retention worth every cent.

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