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Recruitment gaps for tech in 2017

Tech leaders reveal recruitment gaps for 2017

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According to research by IT staffing services Modis, tech leaders cited finding good interpersonal skills the biggest recruitment challenge tech employers will face this year. In fact, 31% of the 500 respondents based in United States shared that soft skills were the most difficult to find among candidates.

As for the top three technical skills that are hard to find, security and critical infrastructure ranks the highest at 22%; followed by project management (21%) and quality assurance (18%).

This raises a concern in the tech industry especially when external threats was named as the biggest potential hazard in 2017 by 40% of the respondents. Other than that, 41% said age was the biggest challenge to diversity in the workplace, followed by 28% citing gender, and 21% for ethnicity.

Modis survey recruitment gaps for IT 2017


Commenting on the Singapore market to Human Resources, Search Elect managing director Jay Banghar said: “The biggest challenge in tech recruitment here (Singapore) will remain similar to last year – which is attracting good talent in new tech trends.”

“Not only that, a challenge which should have more focus on is retaining good tech talent in a growing competitive space,” he further commented.

Additionally, the survey revealed priorities for attracting top talent as follows:

  • 63% believe salary is more important than the longevity of a company.
  • More than two in five respondents (42%) said they expect a salary higher than the market average.
  • Benefits such as flexible working are more important than salary to 60% of men in the tech industry.
  • When hiring candidates who are employed, 33% respondents would offer an average salary increase between 6-9%.
Modis Survey reveals benefits for IT

Infographic/ Modis

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