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Staff want their bosses to get fired in the New Year

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If employees had it their way, a surprisingly high number of them would have their boss fired or demoted in 2015.

When it comes to workplace satisfaction, 11% of employees responding to TINYpulse’s New Year Employee Sentiment Report said they were dissatisfied with their current manager, and they want them to quit or retire in the New Year.

In fact, if employees were suddenly promoted above their boss next year, the first thing 16% of them would change is to “fire, demote or improve the calibre of employee”.

The other changes they would make include establishing standards for behaviour and company policy (11%), improve communication (11%), improve wages (10%) and modify working hours (9%).

workplace1 workplace2

“Employees would change a lot of things in their workplace… if only given the opportunity,” the report stated. “It’s time to be proactive and start making some of those changes now.”

As 2014 comes to a close, the report recommends thinking about the following changes to help make the New Year better for employees:

Focus on who you hire Colleagues and supervisors make or break a workplace. That’s why focusing on a candidates cultural fit is just as important as assessing the skills he or she will bring to the table.

Don’t let communication skills lag behind
Open communication and transparency are much-desired characteristics of both a manager and a workplace. Employees want to know what is expected of them, and want someone to turn to for help and guidance.

Remember that manager = leader
When you manage a team, the expectations are that you are a leader. This means collaborating on projects, scheduling regular one-on-one meetings and giving your team something to rally around.

Consider non-financial perks
Managers’ hands are often tied when it comes to salary raises. But there are inexpensive perks that can be offered to improve general workplace sentiment. Consider flexible working hours, paternity leave, flex spending accounts and fitness benefits. These show you are invested in their well being.

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