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Staff aren’t leaving you for more money

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Business executives are more likely to search for long-term career development opportunities, rather than immediate salary gains, when considering a job switch.

According to a survey conducted during the Monster virtual career fair 2013 by en world Singapore, 66% of executives indicated better career progression opportunities as a priority.

Compensation and benefits came in second, with 22% listing it as a main motivating factor to switch jobs.

“It is refreshing to hear that more executives are prioritising better and longer term career options over immediate salary gains and while compensation continues to be a major consideration factor, it appears to be no longer the main driving factor,” en world stated.

Brian Richards, president of en world Singapore, said a company’s culture and background also significantly impacts an employee’s career development and progression opportunities.

Employee progression is normally measured in organisations through training, education, effective promotion models and internal mobility.

“Employers must attract and retain talent by providing right attributes to enhance career progression.”

The report also indicated motivational levels among executives typically drop once they are unable to visualise the direction towards which their professional development is heading. This clouded vision and lack of motivation spurs on the new job hunt.

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