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The smartest people have more sex, stay up late

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If you have a lot of sex, regularly stay up late and dabble in a bit of illegal activity, chances are you could be a genius, according to new research out of the UK.

Evidence from a study in England found students studying at prestigious universities like Cambridge and Oxford spend a lot more time having sex and partying than their peers at less reputable institutions, Esquire reported.

In fact, students at both those top level universities spent a whopping US$31,461 collectively on sex toys on just one website, – who conducted the study – found out.

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“The correlation probably has something to do with the open-mindedness that comes with intelligence,” Annalisa Rose, who works at Honey, a high-end sex shop in Brooklyn told Esquire.

“I think that the ability to engage in an open sex life comes with the abilities of introspection and logical thought, and those require some level of intelligence. If we’re talking about an open sex life that comes from an emotionally healthy place, sexual mores are mostly made up anyway and intelligent people can rationalise past them.”

Secondly, smarter people also apparently dabble in more illegal drugs, because they don’t choose the “smarter” choice of staying away from them – they choose to do something to “broaden their horizons”.

And thirdly, late nights also seem to make people smarter. According to an academic paper published in the journal Psychology and Individual Differences, humans have been conditioned for thousands of years to work during the day and sleep at night, but those who don’t fall in line “may be more likely to acquire and espouse evolutionary novel values and preferences than less intelligent individuals”.

Conclusion? If you think more broadly, aren’t afraid of new experiences and push your own boundaries, chances are you will end up a more well-rounded and potentially smarter person.

Read the full Esquire article here.

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