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Parental leave around the world [INFOGRAPHIC]

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Mothers in Croatia are entitled to the highest number of paid parents leave days in the world, while fathers get the most paid time off with their newborns in Iceland.

An infographic from Citation, which shows how countries measure up when it comes to supporting parental equality, found Croatia gives mothers a whopping 406 days of paid parent leave – but doesn’t do the same (or even close) for fathers. Dads in Iceland get a decent 91 days’ paid parent leave, 21 days more than Norway in second place.

Norway and the UK are the only two countries to make the top 10 on both lists for mums and dads, while a few surprises creep in. Albania is the second best place for paid parental leave for mums at 365 days, along with Bosnia and Herzegovina, Australia (although this is not all paid) Montenegro and Serbia. For dads, perhaps unsurprisingly, progressive European nations such as Norway, Finland and Spain top the list after Iceland.

The United States makes the list of the worst places for maternal benefits (84 days) – the same as Lesotho and Swaziland – but the worst place in the world is Tunisia, with just one month of maternal benefits.

Dads in Saudi Arabia one get one day of parental leave, while other countries on the bottom list such as the Netherlands and South Africa only give two or three.

Parental Employment Benefits Around the World
Parental Employment Benefits Around the World [Infographic] by the team at Citation

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