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Global employees keep on moving

By: Sabrina Zolkifi, Singapore
Published: Feb 07, 2012


Global - Half of all employees across the world are willing to relocate for a better offer or more benefits.

An international poll by global market research company Ipsos found with the global economy still struggling to stay afloat, employees in Mexico, Brazil, Russia, Turkey and India are most willing to move abroad for better opportunities while those in Sweden, the US and Belgium would ideally prefer to stay closer to home.

About 20% of respondents said they would be very likely to work abroad for two to three years if they were given a 10% pay rise, while 30% said "it was a possibility they would ponder", Reuters reported.

"You are looking at half the population of employees in 24 countries who are actually willing to take an assignment abroad, which is huge," Keren Gottfried, research manager at Ipsos Global Public Affairs, said.

"When you consider the increasing globalisation of our world and how portfolios now include multiple countries and employers are looking at international experience as an asset, it is not surprising that you get so many people that are interested."

Better pay was identified by 40% of respondents as the main motivation for working abroad, followed by better living conditions, a good career move, adventure and time for a change. Furthermore, a guarantee to resume their current job after being away for two years was another big incentive.

"It is sort of saying that yes folks would move abroad but the details have to be right," Gottfried said. "I think what this tells us is that if employers get the details right and they are looking to become a more global company then there is an appetite for it."

Those most likely to jump on the global bandwagon were young, single men on low incomes and education levels, as well as senior executives and decision makers.

"You definitely see men, three in 10 of them who say they are they are likely to take a job abroad, and similar proportions for young people," Gottfried said. "I think that is partly [due to] commitment because when you are young you are less likely to have a family."

However, some of the reason why an employee won't take up a global posting was not enough of a pay rise, partner's job, and family and friends.

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