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Bizarre HR: Restaurant employee almost poisons customers

By: Staff Journalist, Singapore
Published: Nov 23, 2011

US - An employee of restaurant chain Big Boy came close to poisoning customers when he added medication meant for baby pigs in the coffee.

Edwin Ledgard told the police he had a "delusion" that he should kill his customers, and added two vials of a drug used to treat anaemia in baby pigs into the coffee pot. He also added another vial to the salt shaker. It is not clear hold Ledgard got a hold of the medication.

Thankfully, a co-worker saw what Ledgard was doing and managed to stop the coffee and salt from being served to customers. The drug, also known as Iron-100, is given to suckling pigs to correct iron deficiency after birth. However, it is not known if Iron-100 is harmful when consumed by humans.

Ledgard has been charged with one count of contaminating a substance for human consumption, and has a history of violent behaviour. He was previously incarcerated twice for assault and stalking, and is currently in jail on a US$100,000 (S$130,504) bond.


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