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Bizarre HR: Bankers likely to choose pets over kids

By: Staff Journalist, Singapore
Published: Jun 29, 2011


UK - Bankers in the midst of getting a divorce will rather contest for the custody of the family pet than their children.

According to telephone interviews conducted by online publication Here Is The City with over 1,300 bankers in the UK, 67% of male bankers wanted custody of the family dog upon divorce. Less than a quarter (23%) wanted custody of their children.

Not surprisingly, an overwhelming 94% of female bankers would fight for custody of their children upon divorce. One-third (34%) were indifferent towards having the family pet.

Yet overall, more female respondents (72%) than their male counterparts (42%) wished they never tied the knot in the first place.

Majority (93%) of divorced male bankers also tend to remarry younger second wives. Conversely, almost four-fifths of female bankers preferred older second husbands.

Some 68% of male banking professionals had been divorced at least once and 24% had two previous marriages. On the other hand, only 37% of female bankers had been divorced once and 12% involved in two divorces.

The average length of staying married to male bankers was six years and seven months. Marital unions with female bankers tend to last longer at 13 years and three months.

The top reasons cited for getting divorce was that the couple had "drifted apart" and was bored of the relationship. Other reasons were being tired of fighting and extra-marital affairs.

Male bankers also tend to hold a longer grudge with 72% indicating that they wanted to have nothing more to do with their ex-wives. Only a fifth said they were still on civil terms with their first wife.


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