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MBA students value their values

By: Lisa Cheong, Singapore
Published: Feb 26, 2009

Singapore - Future leaders will be driven by their personal values of corporate social responsibility, environmental and business sustainability, says Judy Olian, dean of UCLA Anderson School of Management.

Olian says surveys now find business school students, particularly of the X and Y generation, becoming more concerned about environmental and social responsibility of the organisations that they work for. 

The notion that greed is good and that profits should be maximized is long over, says Olian.
While graduates are looking to develop their own skills, they also want to values of an organisation to be in sync with what they believe in. Hence, companies that practice corporate social responsibility can use this as a competitive advantage to recruit and attract future leaders, says Olian. 

While MBAs cannot train or teach students into becoming more socially aware, Olian says UCLA employs several strategies in which it exposes and encourage values-driven leadership among its students. In addition to looking at their intellectual and analytical skills of potential students, the school says its intensive selection and interview process also tries to suss out the values of the potential candidate. "If it's [the reason for pursuing an MBA] purely self-driven, we might be less attracted to them."

UCLA Anderson School of Management also exposes students to business scenarios which throw up certain values and engages students in deep discussion about values involved and the merits of the different positions within the scenario. "We thrive on scenarios in the zones of grey. It's too easy when you're talking about a black or white issue,that's not a learning experience." Olian adds.


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