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Infographic: This is what your onboarding process is missing

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Accenture excites pre-joiners with its Sky Journey app, which gets them to operate a futuristic airport through 25 levels to create a high-performing business, while Premiere Conferencing (PGi) uses the Wow! PGi Red Carpet to make new hires feel like “PGi Superstars”.

Without a solid onboarding foundation such as these, new employees can be overwhelmed by information, confused by a lack of information, or even feel neglected. And a rocky start often leads to shaky employees.

The infographic below, created by Onboardia, shows the importance of laying a strong foundation for new hires.

Some highlights, which could give you ideas on improving your onboarding programme:

  1. Close to 18% of employees didn’t understand the performance expectations for their position until after 90 days of working.
  2. Employees who were “highly satisfied” with their onboarding experience were two times more likely to still feel comfortable later in their first year.
  3. 76% of employees want on-the-job training during their first week.
  4. 56% of employees said they’d like to have a buddy during onboarding.

Check out the full infographic to see how you can give new employees a great start.



Which onboarding strategies have worked great for you? Let us know in the comments.

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