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Why female Millennials in Hong Kong are skeptical about flexible working

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Offering opportunities for working flexibly might make good business sense to you as an employer, but it might not be what all of your employees want.

According to a report by PricewaterhouseCoopers (PwC), 58% of female Millennials in Hong Kong believe that taking advantage of work-life balance and flexi-work programmes will hinder their career progression.

The report hinted these figures stem from the fact that organisations still lack a” culture that recognises performance over presence.”

This trend was also seen on a global scale, with 44% of female Millennial and 49% of male Millennials worldwide stating work-life balance and flexi-work programmes have negative consequences on the workplace.

“These findings suggest a need for change in the future workplace. Employers must have more than just flexible policies; they need to make sure they have a flexible culture where people are not afraid to take advantage of the programmes,” said Zhou Xing, PwC China and Hong Kong diversity leader.

“Female Millennials will make up a quarter of the global workforce alone by 2020, so it is important that organisations in Hong Kong understand what motivates this generation of workers and what they are looking for from an employer.”

The report stressed on the need for workplaces to inculcate a culture which actively supports flexible working, especially because a lack of flexibility was found to be one of the main reasons why Millennials would consider leaving their current employer.

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In addition, despite many organisations having work-life balance and flexible programmes and policies in place, only 19% of Millennial women in Hong Kong have a formal flexible work arrangement. Nearly a quarter (24%) of female millennials in Hong Kong also said they don’t have the opportunity to take advantage of a flexible working practice. 

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