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Ng Ying Yuan, director of HR for Economic Development Board
in Singapore by

3 tips to connect your employer brand to the candidate

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When an employer brand is articulated clearly and effectively to the target audience, it can help the organisation attract the right candidates through a self-filtering approach.

“Organisations with a strong employer brand are also more effective in engaging and retaining their employees,” says Ng Ying Yuan, director of HR at the Economic Development Board.

Speaking next month at Employer Branding APAC 2014, Ng will share more insights about how companies can better communication their brand message with staff, as well as elaborate on these 3 tips to connect with the target audience:

1. Invest in accurate branding: Make a real effort to determine an authentic employer brand for your organisation which reflects the organisation accurately. Providing branding which is different to what it actually is will have a damaging effect on your efforts.

2. Explore: Look into a variety of channels to create mindshare of your employer brand.

3. Think outside the box: Think of awareness-building, touch points and experience creation.

As well as this keynote presentation, Ng will sit on a vibrant panel discussion about communication strategies for your employer brand, alongside Butch Clas, HR director of SEA, Australia, New Zealand and India at Dow Chemical, and Matt Kaiser, employer branding & digital strategy global talent acquisition manager at Ericsson.

Employer Branding APAC 2014 is a one-day event organised by Human Resources and Universum and will take place on the 10th of July at Goodwood Park Hotel, Singapore.

For more information on event agenda, click here.

To register for the event, click here.


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