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Employers with the most generous new year red packets

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If your boss has disappointed you with an underwhelming year-end bonus, a generous new year red packet can be a nice consolation prize.

After missing out on a year-end bonus last week, employees at Ocean Park got their redemption – a HK$1200 red packet. While it’s a nice amount, it’s still short of the HK$2000 red packet China CITIC Bank gave out to employees yesterday.

The notorious chocolate gold coins from HSBC were nowhere to be seen this year. Instead, staff were given a HK$20 lai see. Hang Seng Bank, a subsidiary of HSBC provided it’s employees with the same.

It is no surprise that mainland-backed banks are the most generous when it comes to new year red packets. Wing Lung Bank rewarded staff with red packets containing HK$800, staff at Bank of Communications received HK$500,  CCB International offered HK$600 red packets and Nanyang Commercial Bank handed out HK$200 red packets.

BOC International offered HK$1000 lai see to staff, but Bank of China (Hong Kong) which is under the same group gave out red packets worth only HK$200.

Big Four accounting firm EY gave each staff member two red packets worth HK$50 each and Deloitte gave out HK$20 red packets.

Foreign companies like Morgan Stanley and National Australia Bank also followed the Chinese tradition, handing out HK$100 red packets to staff.

Restaurant chain Tao Heung Holdings offered staff HK$100 red packets, and McDonald’s gave out HK$10 lai sees to staff.

EGL Tours handed out red packets worth between HK$100 and HK$500 to staff, and Hong Kong Disneyland offered HK$50 red packets.

Fashion retailer Zara offered HK$500 to staff, I.T handed out HK$100 packets, and GAP and G2000 gave out HK$20.

You’ll often hear management use the cliché saying that the value of the lai see doesn’t matter, since the focus is on wishing employees a great year ahead. But with such big differences in red packet value, do staff feel the same way?

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