03 Aug 2016 Wednesday

Employee Benefits Asia Day 2




Opening Remarks


Engaging and retaining talent through non-cash rewards
  • Importance of having a recognition program and how to integrate it into your corporation
  • What is the cost-benefit analysis of non-cash rewards programs?
  • What does “work life balance” really means and what bearing should it have on your C&B strategy


How to get buy-in from your internal stakeholders to enhance your reward strategy?
  • What are the key factors to consider for your benefits proposal that will gain the approval of your stakeholders?
  • Demonstrate the benefits of your rewards program – by measuring ROI
  • Encourage senior level executives to part of the rewards program


Coffee Break
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Leverage on HR analytics to improve the efficiency of your C&B function
  • What is HR analytics and what are its stages of application?
  • Introduction to rewards analytics.
  • Using analytics effectively to manage your total reward strategy.
  • Developing objectives, measures and metrics to track your reward strategy using analytics tools and overcoming challenges
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Panel Discussion: Develop an innovating flexi scheme that complements your corporate culture
  • How to introduce & manage a flexi scheme into your organization?
  • Does your benefits scheme meet the needs of your employees?
  • Using customized flex benefits to boost engagement and productivity
Speakers / Panelists:


Speakers / Panelists:


Develop family friendly policies to support working carers in the workforce
  • What is the impact of shared parental leave on the business?
  • Develop a conducive family care environment to help with childcare and eldercare
  • Potential benefits of introducing flexible working policies and how to implement this successfully


Compelling ways to create a winning employee value proposition to attract talent
  • What are the common misconceptions and stereotypes associated with your industry?
  • Explore ideas to build a strong branding to recruit the ‘crème de la crème’ into your business
  • Best practices to recruit, retain & and transition your best talent.
  • Ensure you derive your desired ROI from your initiatives.


Coffee Break
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Best practices to keep your employees engaged - "Ted-Style" talks

Mini presentations by companies to share on their initiatives that keeps their employees motivated & engaged.

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Closing Remarks
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End of Employee Benefits Asia 2016
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