02 Aug 2016 Tuesday

Employee Benefits Asia - Day 1




Opening Remarks


Speed Networking
Speakers / Panelists:


Keynote: Influence of economic climate on local salary designs & pay levels
  • What internal & external factors do companies need to consider when they develop a competitive pay structure?
  • With the rise salary increase in Asia, what steps are companies taking to curtail this?
  • Creating a balance between salary & performance to manage demand and supply of talent
Speakers / Panelists:


Evolving total rewards strategy amidst current economic headwinds
  • What are the latest compensation & benefits trends?
  • How are these trends influencing pay & benefits in the region?
  • How can companies develop a compelling employee value proposition?


Coffee Break
Speakers / Panelists:


Panel Discussion: Strategies in driving a globally aligned yet competitive local remuneration framework
  • Create a competitive edge to your compensation program to balance and manage your employee’s expectations
  • Compensation mix: Structuring your total cash with the right components to define your overall remuneration
  • Is your total cash balanced adequately between rewards – guaranteed based vs incentives to attract talent?
Speakers / Panelists:


Case Study: Maintain an effective C&B framework during an economic downturn to boost staff morale
  • How do you maximize employee retention and reduce employee turnover during an economic downturn?
  • Impact of deflation on your employees’ equity – managing the expectations of your employees
  • Design a competitive remuneration package to prevent loss of key staff to competitors.
  • Preventive measures that HR have in place during recession




Addressing the issue of rising costs in Asia and its impact on the business
  • Healthcare issues & challenges: an overview from an Asian perspective
  • What are the different health & wellness benefits in Asia?
  • How do you ensure the long term sustainability of these programs?
Speakers / Panelists:


Creating a flexible health & wellness program to improve staff retention
  • Reviewed their current healthcare benefits to implement a new on-site service to increase employee engagement & productivity
  • What were the challenges they faced prior to this program?
  • Innovative actions taken to address these problems
  • How has the results contributed to their staff retention problems?
Speakers / Panelists:


Coffee break


Panel Discussion: Best practices to foster health and wellness to promote employee wellbeing
  • What objectives do employers hope to achieve by implementing a wellness strategy?
  • With the increase of ageing population in the workforce, how do you keep them happy?
  • Creating a global wellness strategy
  • Having benchmarks in place to measure the ROI from these programs
Speakers / Panelists:


Closing Remarks


End of Day 1

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