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Demand for HR talent in Malaysia is still low

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Tight labour markets, along with slow economic conditions are still affecting the rate at which human resources professionals are being hired online in Malaysia.

According to the latest Monster Employment Index (MEI), the market is continuing to experience a year-over-year decline in e-recruitment for these jobs, when comparing data from September 2014 and 2015.

The report found HR roles in Malaysia have not changed their position at -23% year-over-year.

The MEI by recorded industries and occupations that showed the highest and lowest growth in recruitment activity in various markets.

“Although human resources management remains incredibly important to businesses across the region presently, organisations are not feeling an immediate need to expand their HR headcounts, “ said Sanjay Modi, managing director, (India, Middle East, Southeast Asia, Hong Kong).

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“While Singapore and Malaysia’s online activity hasn’t shifted significantly across Q3, the Philippines is seeing the largest jump in a positive direction. This is likely due to the need for HR professionals in certain booming sectors locally, such as IT, Telecom/ISP and BSFI industries, which are currently experiencing some growth.”

Indeed, the report found that in Singapore, HR and admin jobs are still reporting negative growth at -5% year-over-year.

In addition, the Philippines witnessed an -11% decline, a leap from August 2015, which reported a-24% year-over-year result.

“As all three markets experience year-over-year declines in online hiring activity overall, there is less of an urgent need for HR and admin professionals to help businesses manage their recruitment processes and other personnel and human capital matters,” Modi added.

Within Malaysia, overall online hiring witnessed a -24% y-o-y decline between September 2014 and 2015.

The report added that no industry sector saw positive growth in September. The retail sector registered the least decline at -3%, while oil and gas saw the steepest decline at -25%

Marketing and communications job roles performed at 1%, while the software, hardware, telecom roles saw the steepest decline at -35% year-over-year.

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