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Deal breakers that make a colleague “undateable”

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With today’s long working hours, and a need for teamwork and corporate networking, it is not uncommon to see colleagues finding love in the workplace.

In fact, according to a new survey from CareerBuilder, 37% of 3,056 workers in the United States have dated a co-worker, and 30% of those office romances have led to marriage.

While some workers have no problems mixing business with pleasure, other respondents in the survey stated they steer clear of getting involved with co-workers for a variety of reasons. Nearly 23% of employees said that what someone does for a living influences whether they would date that person.

Here are the top office romance deal breakers, according to the survey:

1. Doesn’t work on a consistent basis: 39%

2. Has already dated someone else at work: 25%

3. Travels extensively for work: 21%

4. Has to work nights: 8%

5. Earns less money than me: 6%

6. Has to work weekends: 6%

Women and men, however, had differing opinions of what makes a colleague “undateable.” Women were found to be much less likely than men to date someone who doesn’t work on a consistent basis (52% said they wouldn’t versus 28% of men), has previously dated a co-worker (29% versus 21%), or earns less than them (10% versus 2%).

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The survey also delved into the situations and places in the workplace where such romances were first ignited.

Among those who have had an office romance, most say their office romance began at happy hour (12%), followed by late nights on the job (11%), lunches (11%) and chance meetings outside of work (10%). Nearly 1 in 10 workers (9%) claimed they fell for their workplace loves at first sight.

“More than one third of workers who have had an office romance (36%) had to keep their relationship a secret, although 1 in 4 who have had an office romance (25%) have accidentally run into co-workers while out on a date with their office sweetheart,” the survey stated.

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