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CEOs: How to be a true business partner

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There is always talk among the senior HR community about how one can position themselves at the top, helping to drive the business and support organisational goals alongside senior management.

But very rarely do you get a chance to talk face-to-face with CEOs to really discover how HR can take that step up to becoming an effective and leading business partner.

At Talent Management 2014, four CEOs will take the stage to discuss exactly this.

“Firstly, HR has to truly understand the fundamentals of the business, what the key drivers are, who the customers are, what makes them tick and what the internal and external challenges are,” says Morten Damgaard, chief executive officer South East Asia at Agility.

“Without this understanding, HR will not be able to fully deliver the support and services required.”

Damgaard will sit on this panel alongside Richard Owens, executive vice president of customer solutions & innovation APAC for DHL; Edmund Kwok, chief executive officer, National Kidney Foundation, and Philip Brett, president of South & South East Asia for TBWA Group.

“As with so many other things, this starts with the CEO setting the tone and ensuring that these topics are part of what is discussed in the management group and that is part of what people are held accountable for,” says Damgaard.

Talent Management 2014 takes place on March 17-19 at The InterContinental Hotel in Singapore.

Don’t miss out on the region’s most important talent management event.  For more information on speakers and the event agenda please visit the Talent Management 2014 website here.

To register, please click here.


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