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Bosses have the worst work-life balance in 2015

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Employers may be supporting their staff in managing their work-life balance, but looks like not a lot of them are great at maintaining their personal and professional lives themselves.

In fact, members of the senior management were highlighted as the group with the worst work-life balance in Morgan Redwood’s Wellbeing and Business Performance report 2015.

Polling  head of human resources or board director level equivalents from 250 organisations in the United Kingdom, the report found staff from the wider workforce had the best work-life balance this year.

“In 2009, the wider workforce was seen as having the best balance, followed by junior managers, middle managers and senior managers, with the board coming bottom,” the report stated.

“In 2014/15, the wider workforce is still seen to have the best balance but respondents now see board members as having a better balance between work and home life than senior management.”

Interestingly, the report found work-life balance in itself ranked as a low priority for HR professionals this year – with most stating they are focused on finding new talent this year (39.2%).

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Reducing staff churn stood at 36.8%, while reducing staff costs came in at third place at 34.8%

“In our previous report, HR issues were very much centered on drawing the best out of the current work force, with improving productivity and performance topping the list of challenges.

“Now though, the biggest issue is about attracting better talent to the business. This certainly ties in with the fact that businesses  are looking to grow their employee numbers.”

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The report hinted, however, that work-life balance is an issue which HR leaders should possibly give more priority to – especially if they wish to retain their staff.

Despite its low ranking in the list of HR priorities, work-life balance was seen as the most influential factor on staff motivation and morale in 2014/15, compared to sixth most influential in 2009.

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