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Automation drives productivity

80% of managers say checking emails interferes with getting tasks done

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In the recent ServiceNow report, “Today’s State of Work: The Service Experience Gap,” almost 70% of managers say that manual processes leave them less time for strategic initiatives, lower their productivity or cause them stress.

Conducted between 2,400 managers in Australia, France, Germany, Singapore, the U.S. and the U.K, respondents came from all working age groups and from a wide range of industries, business functions and companies.

The survey highlighted how managers are five times more likely to use email, and five times less likely to use a mobile app, with eight in 10 saying that monitoring email interferes with completing tasks.

With that, the survey also noted that automation drove a 50% improvement in the workplace Service Experience Index by diminishing the consumer services gap. In fact, the survey stated that 40% more managers say it is easy to request, and nearly 60% more say the service is delivered quickly when a service is automated.

When asked about workplace services such as opening a purchase order, requesting help from HR, requesting help or equipment from IT, requesting sales materials from marketing, asking legal to review a contract or getting info on HR policies, the survey found that manual methods continue to dominate workplace services.

Only three in 10 managers would request these services online while the rest still use manual methods. In comparison, more than eight in 10 managers say that they would request consumer services online. The survey also noted that 43% of managers say that these manual services are easy to use, as compared to 79% for consumer services. A much lower number of only 19% say that these services are delivered quickly, as compared to 65% for consumer services.

The survey concluded how managers are signaling that automation is the way forward.

“By automating workplace services, enterprises can create a better user experience and accelerate service delivery – freeing up skilled and experienced management resources to drive business growth and profitability,” the report stated.

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