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2015’s most absurd excuses for calling in sick

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It’s Monday again – the day most bosses in Singapore are likely to receive calls about employees not showing up to work.

But interestingly, the reasons for claiming a day off have been getting more and more creative over the years.

Polling 2,326 hiring and human resource managers and 3,321 employees, a survey by CareerBuilder gathered the year’s most ridiculous excuses for calling in sick.

The report found 38% of employees have called in to work sick when they’re feeling well in 2015, up from 28% in 2014.

Echoing this trend, the study highlighted there was also an increase in bosses checking to see if their employees were actually sick on the day they had taken off.

In 2015, it stated one in three employers (33%) have checked to see if an employee was telling the truth after calling in sick this year, compared to  31% last year.

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Of these employers, asking to see a doctor’s note was the most popular way to find out of the absence was based in truth (67%), followed by calling the employee (49%) and checking the employee’s social media posts (32%).

“Whether it’s to finish binge-watching their latest Netflix obsession, take care of personal errands or simply needing a day off, many workers aren’t above taking a sick day despite having a clean bill of health.

When asked to share the most memorable excuses for workplace absences they’ve heard, employers reported the following real-life examples:

  1. Employee claimed his grandmother poisoned him with ham.
  2. Employee was stuck under the bed.
  3. Employee broke his arm reaching to grab a falling sandwich.
  4. Employee said the universe was telling him to take a day off.
  5. Employee’s wife found out he was cheating. He had to spend the day retrieving his belongings from the dumpster.
  6. Employee poked herself in the eye while combing her hair.
  7. Employee said his wife put all his underwear in the washer.
  8. Employee said the meal he cooked for a department potluck didn’t turn out well.
  9. Employee was going to the beach because the doctor said she needed more vitamin D.
  10. Employee said her cat was stuck inside the dashboard of her car.

What’s the most absurd reason you have heard for calling in sick this year? Do share with us below.

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