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Officevibe infographic on company culture

10 things that kill your company culture

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There are some things sure to destroy employee motivation, especially the old-school approach of “MANAGEMENT IS ALWAYS RIGHT!”, that is proving to do more damage than good.

Officevibe put together a useful infographic on the 10 killers of a company’s culture, along with tips on how leaders can ensure they’re not contributing to this list.

1. Big egos

No task at the office is a one-person show. People with large egos tend to think they’re better than what they are.

Get the opinions of others and try not to brag about the fact that you did it all on your own. The second that egos are set aside, great things tend to happen.

2. Micro-management

There’s nothing more annoying than a manager dissecting a piece of work as it’s being done. It is just not cool and should not be tolerated.

If you were to survey employees, you’d probably find that the majority will not approve of adding extra reviews and management as a part of their workflow.

3. Bureaucracy

Imagine having to get one thing approved by several layers of management.

The two ways of avoiding this would be to look into agile methodologies or try having a “flat” organisation. When your company can stop having so many layers just to make decisions, it’ll be able to act fast, fail fast, keep going and do new things.

For the other seven culture killers, have a look at the infographic below.

The 10 Company Culture Killers

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